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La Banda’s sweet rooftop hangout is fully designed with the social traveller in mind. This is the beating heart of the hostel. At the end of each day we host large family dinners cooked by people passionate about food. Guests get together to drink creative cocktails in the bar, watch live music concerts in front of the stunning cathedral views, and pre-game for organized nights out in the city with our staff.

Francesca Mililotti
Little sunshine

Loves: art, dancing, traveling, sunny and warm beach days. Eats: everything, multiple times. One of my goal in life is to taste any kind of cheesecake in this world. Listens to: indie rock, pop, reggaeton, funk and 80's disco. Ideal Day: waking up by the waves' sound, getting coffee in an old costal town and spending the day immersing myself in local culture.

Chiara Burroni
Clara que sí

Loves: Sevilla vibes, connecting with people, old school Tattoo, dancing, vintage stuff and taking a looot of photos! Eats: avocado in all its shapes, better if it is on a tostada with a poached egg! Listens to: pop, flamenco fusion, indie and sometimes I really need reggaeton. Ideal Day: sunny and healthy brunch, bike trip, watching an amazing sunset on a rooftop and dancing all night long.

Álvaro Suárez Varela

Loves: The way therapy makes me think and care about myself. Eats: Yes, please. Listen to: I have a playlist called "Everything. Everywhere. All at once." So you tell me. Ideal day: I wake up all of a sudden. Someone is knocking at the door. It's Kirsten Durnst. The girl from the Spiderman movies. She wants me to play a board game. Wait, what?! She needs me to finish the game. It's the only way to get out of...Jumanji! But I roll the dice and they fall under the couch. I can't reach them. Forget about Jack, babe. He's gone.

Andrea Martínez
Wonder Woman

Loves: yoga, dance, photography, theater, nature. Eats: who know me know that, forever papas con huevos. Listens to: soul & jazz, electronic music and most of all I enjoy live concerts. Ideal Day: route through the countryside on a sunny day, climbing high mountains and enjoying the Pachamama.

Nicolás González
The Human Being

Loves: I use to love life and life use to love me, thats how i keep surviving Eats: Stardust and leaves (only from certain kind of trees) Listens to: What did you say? Im a rockstar. Ideal day: The day i get rich. Richer i mean, actually im pretty opulent

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